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The Libertines - Smashing (featuring Lula Camus)
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Smashing (featuring Lula Camus) - The Libertines from The 77 Demos


Smashing -The Libertines (ft. Lula Camus), The 77 Demos

This song comes with so many questions! Who is this Lula girl? What is she saying? is she the French girl that left Carl on the A109? ect… the internet seams to think that she is a photographer  that turned up to Pete’s flat, wrote him a little poem & he was so impressed that a few weeks later he took her to the studio to record this beautiful number… here’s what NME says:

From “NME Icons: The Libertines”

Mysteriously turning up on Ebay years after the Libs’ split, “Smashing” is perhaps their greatest unreleased song. This version (named after the price a fan paid for it online) dates from early 2002, when they were demoing “Up The Bracket” at Nomis Studios. It feature extra vocals from their friend Lula Camus.

Regardless, its a glorious thing & I’ve had it in repeat for an hour!